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A successful facelift result is a rejuvenated face that is soft in appearance and that does not look “pulled”.


    Am I too young to have a facelift?

    There is no ideal age to get a facelift, but it is advised not to wait for the aging to be very marked.

    However, a candidate that is 40 to 50 years old is in an ideal physical shape for the operation and the tissues tend to respond well to the surgery.

    The most obvious aspect of aging is sagging skin.

    In addition, over the years, several other changes in the eyebrows, eyelids, lips, etc. give a sad and tired expression to your face.

    The rate of aging is variable among different individuals. Heredity, sun exposure, stress, lack of sleep, the use of tobacco, alcohol consumption and significant weight loss are all aggravating factors of aging.

    Will a facelift give me a stretched look?!

    A well done facelift, that draws the facial muscles and skin upwards, in the proper directions, should not give a pulled look.

    Will I have visible scars?

    Some incisions are placed in or behind the ears, and others are well hidden into your hair line.

    About the Procedure

    Which technique does Dr. Fanous use for the face lift?

    The ‘Mini-Dissection’, also known as ‘Optimum Mobility’, is a surgical technique published and taught by Dr Fanous.

    So, the ‘Mini-Dissection’ is conservative. Also, the facial swelling during the postoperative period is usually limited.

    Another important point: Dr. Fanous does not shave your hair at all.

    The age effect is felt both on the skin and on the muscular structure of the face. During the face lift, Dr. Fanous pulls the skin and the facial muscles (called SMAS) because this type of combined lift is much more durable.

    The face lift improves the appearance of the cheeks and neck.

    For an even more harmonious result, Dr. Fanous recommends to combine the face lift with a forehead lift.

    In addition, Dr Fanous may also recommend other procedures such as liposuction of the double chin, blepharoplasty (eyelids), rejuvenating injections to the lips and cheeks, chin implants, etc. in order to achieve an ideal result.

    What is the duration of the face lift performed by Dr. Fanous?

    The duration of the facelift cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Nabil Fanous is generally 3 to 4 hours. This cosmetic surgery takes place in our modern certified surgical center in Montreal.

    Is it painful?

    Dr. Fanous ensures that the facelift takes place almost without pain. In general, you will have little discomfort during the postoperative period. During the first few weeks after your facelift, it is possible that you might feel slight neck stiffness or some numbness in the ear area.

    Will I have to be put to sleep under general anesthesia?

    No. Dr. Fanous uses local anesthesia with sedation. This type of anesthesia is very appreciated by the vast majority of our patients who underwent a facelift performed by Dr. Fanous at our surgery clinic in Montreal.

    Post Care

    Will I have to return to get my stitches taken out?

    In general, for the closure of the incisions, Dr. Nabil Fanous uses “absorbable stitches” that disintegrate by themselves!

    When will I have an acceptable appearance to go out of the house?
    When can I go back to work?

    You will have a suitable appearance 2 to 3 weeks after your facelift.

    In general, you will be able to resume your work after this period.

    The stitches used under the skin can cause small lumps in front of the ears, but this will subside within 4 to 6 weeks.

    Can I exercise after my facelift?

    You can resume your exercise three to four weeks after your facelift.

    Related Procedures

    Can I get an eyelid lift ‘blepharoplasty’ at the same time as my facelift?

    Yes, if it is beneficial. Dr. Fanous recommends using primarily the combination of a face lift and a forehead lift, at the same time. He believes that this strategy gives more harmonious results.

    The forehead lift will improve a little your drooping eyelids, while lifting the eyebrows.

    Does Dr. Fanous agree to do a neck lift only?

    Dr. Fanous does not favour this intervention.
    According to him, it is not ideal to have a smooth and youthful neck next to a sagging face.

    Why should we pay special attention to the lips?

    With age, lips lose their volume. So, if you have thin lips, you will look older than if your lips were more voluminous.

    A few weeks after your face lift, Dr. Fanous can add volume to your thin lips with a single injection, thus replenishing them.

    Can a face lift correct my double chin?

    During the facelift, Dr. Fanous often does a little liposuction at the same time to remove the double chin.

    If necessary, he can also insert an implant through the same incision to correct a weak chin.

    General questions

    What are the criteria for a successful facelift?

    A successful facelift result is a rejuvenated face that is soft in appearance and that does not look “pulled”.

    How my entourage will react to my facelift?

    Generally, most people around you will give you compliments on your rested and rejuvenated appearance.

    For how long will my facelift last? Will my face fall again?

    The result of your facelift (the age difference between your actual age and your appearance) usually continues in the future.

    So, if your appearance looks younger following the surgery, it is possible that you may keep this age difference in the future.

    Of course, this face lift does not stop the aging. It simply delivers a younger-looking face.

    The facelift improves mostly the appearance of your neck and cheeks. Deep wrinkles around the mouth and nose may require injections to make the result more harmonious.

    Are there possible complications associated with the facelift surgery?

    Complications associated with the rhytidectomy are possible, but their percentage is low. They include infections, bleeding, large scars, asymmetry, changes in sensations, skin necrosis, weakness of the nerves or muscles, loss of movement, loss of sensation, etc.

    The cost of a face lift surgery: how much does a facelift cost?

    It is simple: call now at 514-935-9513 to get an immediate estimate of the cost of a face lift.

    Depending on the aesthetic problem and the reputation of the surgeon, the cost of a facelift can vary greatly.

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