General Questions

What are the criteria for a successful facelift?

A successful facelift result is a rejuvenated face that is soft in appearance and that does not look “pulled”.

How my entourage will react to my facelift?

Generally, most people around you will give you compliments on your rested and rejuvenated appearance.

For how long will my facelift last? Will my face fall again?

The result of your facelift (the age difference between your actual age and your appearance) usually continues in the future.

So, if your appearance looks younger following the surgery, it is possible that you may keep this age difference in the future.

Of course, this face lift does not stop the aging. It simply delivers a younger-looking face.

The facelift improves mostly the appearance of your neck and cheeks. Deep wrinkles around the mouth and nose may require injections to make the result more harmonious.

Are there possible complications associated with the facelift surgery?

Complications associated with the rhytidectomy are possible, but their percentage is low. They include infections, bleeding, large scars, asymmetry, changes in sensations, skin necrosis, weakness or loss of function of the nerves or muscles of the face, etc.

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