Forehead Lift 0.0.3

What is the “Forehead Lift 0.0.3″?

Dr. Fanous always prefers to perform two lifts at the same time: the face lift and forehead lift.

The advantage of combining these two lifts (rather than just having a face lift) is to get a rejuvenation result that is more harmonious and more satisfying.

The forehead lift pulls up the forehead and eyebrows. This reduces and often eliminates wrinkles of the upper eyelids, giving the face a younger and softer expression.

Dr. Fanous uses a special technique to lift the forehead, called “Forehead lift 0.0.3.” that he has taught in medical conferences nationally and internationally.

This technique uses only three tiny incisions of about 1.5 cm each, all located in the hair above the forehead. These incisions will be completely hidden by your hair.

There are no incisions whatsoever on the forehead or eyelids.

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