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An Experienced Surgeon

An Experienced Surgeon

Dr. Fanous, MD. ORL, FSRC, is an expert in the field cosmetic surgery with years of experience.

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Naturally Beautiful

Naturally Beautiful

A facelift can enhance your natural beauty and revive the youth in your features. What will work for you?

Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos

See how Dr. Fanous has naturally rejuvenated many of his patients and let the work speak for itself.

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Patient Reviews

Patient Reviews

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Montreal Facelift

First Things First… What is a Facelift?

The face lift is a cosmetic surgery that involves pulling the muscles and skin of the face and neck to rejuvenate them.

A face lift will not stop the aging process. However, it does set the clock back instantly!
In other words, if your face lift makes you look 10 years younger, this difference will remain for the rest of your life!

To maintain your youthful look, you can also choose to use some other minor treatments, such as injections, peels, skin treatments, etc.

What is the Forehead Lift 0.0.3?

Dr. Fanous uses his own special new technique to lift the forehead, called “Forehead lift 0.0.3.” that he created and taught to other surgeons nationally and internationally. Find out what distinguishes his approach from the conventional one and how you can benefit from it.

Learn more about the Forehead Lift 0.0.3.

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